Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth Everyone!

In celebration of this nations independence. I massively updated my flickr photostream with a ton of work I've done in the past few years. go check it out in the link to the right! ============>

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grim Brim leftovers from C2E2 Memorial Day Sale

For anyone that wasn't able to make it out to C2E2 a couple weeks ago, good news! We still have some of these little guys available and will be releasing them on my big cartel store on Memorial Day @ 9pm CST they will be $20 +s&h and for ease of sale for you guys will be sold blind pick. There are still plenty of great pcolors from infection red to thermo blue. Hope to see you there. thanks for the support!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beware of THE GRIM BRIM!

 My friend Marty of The GodBeast Customs Just sent me some pics of the first casts from the mold for The "Grim Brim" figure me and my friend Gabe have been collaborating with him on.

"Grim Brim" is a hillbilly munchin' mutant maniac thought up by Gabe. Anyone who knows me knows my love of hillbilly aesthetic, knows it was mandated that I start collaborating and sculpting this crazy little figure as soon as I could. I'm pretty pumped with how the sculpt came out and I'm super pumped with how the casts Marty is pumping out are looking.

If you're as excited as me about these awesome little dudes then you are in luck! We will be releasing a small batch at this year's C2E2 at the Nerd City booth. More details will be popping up as the event draws closer. Can't wait to get these in everyone's hands!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Holiday Outhouses!

I just finished up a small group of custom Outhouses just in time for the holidays. The Happy Holiday Outhouses will be limited to ten figures and will be bagged with a special header card. They will be up for sale at my bigcartel store tomorrow night, Sunday, December 9 at 11:00pm cst. They will be $25 +s&h. Hope to see you guys there. Thanks to this great community surround these guys for your continued support!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


One of the coolest and tastiest burger joints in Des Moines, Zombie Burger,  has teamed up with my buddies over at Paste Apparel for a new contest. After a lot of scrapped Ideas I came up with a couple of designs I was pretty happy with. The voting has started and I could use your help to get to the top. head over to the voting page and vote for mine and get them to the top. Please share a link on your page as well as networking is the only way this competition can be one. thanks for the support in advance!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOOLY'S T-shirt design

Even though my design for Paste Apparel's WOOLY's competition didn't get the win, It's still a design I'm pretty proud of it and had a balst doing it. who knows maybe if any of you guys checking this out sent some messages their way they might even get the kick in the butt they needed to go ahead and make these anyway, heh.

Awesomeness On The Near Horizon!

So I had a ton of awesome update news on some projects that I either have a part of or have commissioned with other artists today and thought I would update everyone on whats been going on

First, if any of you remember my initial POST about the Phantom Shithouse Shirts. Well, thanks to all of you that supported the project they met their goal and got produced. the Paste Apparel guys finished up the first set of orders today and if you bought one, you should be hearing from them soon. I'm Super pumped about how these turned out and can't wait to rock mine when I get them tomorrow, hopefully. The Preorder will still be up for a while if you missed out initially as well.

The second bit of OMFG related news I found today is that the awesome GITD sets are on their way. George Gaspar of October Toys said they should be on their way and be ready to ship out in July. After and initial kickstarter order is fulfilled they should be up for sale at the october toys site along with hopefully a restock of the flesh colorway.

The last bit of news to share is my friend Ralph Niese has been working on a commissioned Egg Qee for me for a while now and he finally posted up finished pictures of it today. Ralph does an awesome job incorporating his awesome illustrative abilities into all his sculpting and custom work which really makes for a fresh and fun style that looks like it popped right off a comic book page. Hopefully I will have this baby in my hands soon so I can share my own pictures and a more in depth review with you all soon. Can't wait!