Thursday, April 26, 2012

OMFG in PORK Magazine!

 So today I was alerted to the fact that the new issue of the awesome rock n' roll and art magazine PORK had a little piece about the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys it it. Just thought it was pretty cool to see that a cool publication like this was digging it and throwing my design out as their favorite. Thanks for the support, PORK. everyone should figure out where they can get a hold of this awesome FREE zine and support them as well. I know you can find it at ZZZ Records in Des Moines if your interested in finding a copy

Friday, April 20, 2012

The final 6 Artist painted Phantom Shithouse figures will be released this Friday, the 20th at 8pm cst. they will be $20 plus $3.50 for first class usps shipping with confirmation number. The will be released blind bag style to make it easiest for people to focus their energy on one location rather than 6 seperate ones. here's the final 6 figures that will be available at my store. You can find a link for it over to the right. thanks for your continued support. It's been a dream come true

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Phantom Shithouse shirts for Presale

I'm working with local Des Moines company Paste Apparel to bring you guys an opportunity for Some Phantom Outhouse shirts.
Phantom Outhouse T shirts will be a 3 color screenprint on black American apparel poly blend black t shirt. They run sizes xs up to xxl and will be $25 each.
You can find them up for preorder here We need at least 12 preorders to get these produced so spread the word around to anyone you think might dig these. I know I'm excited to wear one. thanks for all of your continued support guys!

C2E2 = Awesome time

Thanks to the guys from Nerd City and my friend The GodBeast, Marty Hansen I had the opportunity to go up to The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend. I was able to meet a lot of guys from the october toys forums and see some cool stuff.

A few highlights from the weekend were the after party at Reggies compliments of Nerd City and the reveal of the series of Battle Beast Minimates from Diamond select. As well as some mamoth sandwich action at Lucky's

I got to meet a lot of cool guys and had a lot of good times with said people. Looking farward to hopefully making the trip again next year, it was a blast

Thursday, April 12, 2012

the Newest OMFG Game: Shitstacker!

I've just found a fun new game to play if you have multiple sets of OMFG figures or specifically Phantom Shithouses. Stack em' as high as you can! So far my record is 6 figure but I'm sure if you have the stock and patience you get more. Has anyone else figured out some other fun things you can do with the figures?

El Bait Shop Shirt Design

El Bait Shop is pretty much the best bar ever and the one that I frequent the most in town. They have a fun atmosphere and one of the best beer selections I have seen anywhere so when they announced that they would be having a contest for a new t-shirt design to sell at the bar I was pretty pumped.

They still haven't announce the winner of the contest, but I'm hoping they dig my homage to their great selection of brews and what my happy belly tends to look like(sans glassware) when I leave after a good night with friends there and don't have to worry bout driving home ;). thanks for taking a gander and keep your fingers crossed that we see this hanging above the bar soon

EDIT - they announced a winner a couple days ago and since I was not contacted I assume it wasn't me. congrats to all the competitors. anyone else interested in producing an awesome beer belly t-shart? any bar name can replace el bait shop ha! seriosly though : |

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Phantom Shithouse, Hand Painted Series is Ready to Rock Next Weekend

Next weekend I will be going to Chicago for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Along with me I will be bringing a special limited release of 20 hand-painted Phantom Shithouse customs with me. You can see all of the over at my flickr

Each set will include 1 hand-painted Phantom Shithouse figures, 1 hand-painted mini army man or hillbilly/cowboy to fight against the Merde menace, a Phantom Shithouse sticker, and a 1" Phantom Shithouse Button all bagged and carded. There will be 20 sets available for $20 at the Nerd City booth #842 and if there are any leftovers, they will go on my bigcartel account after the convention.

They were a lot of work but they look awesome and I'm really excited to have them done and ready to get out to the fans of the figure. Hope to see you in Chicago

Friday, April 6, 2012

Village Bean T-shirt contest - I need your help!

I've been working on some T-shirt design contests with local Des Moines t-shirt company, Paste. The most recent design is for a local coffee shop "The Village Bean" Go check the contest out on their Facebook page and please vote for my design if you dig it. hopefully I can get this produced!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've been working hard on these little buggers and am looking on track for a full reveal and details this weekend. Thanks so much for 3everyone that has supported OMFG and the artists involved so far. I'm really looking forward to getting these to you soon!