Thursday, April 12, 2012

El Bait Shop Shirt Design

El Bait Shop is pretty much the best bar ever and the one that I frequent the most in town. They have a fun atmosphere and one of the best beer selections I have seen anywhere so when they announced that they would be having a contest for a new t-shirt design to sell at the bar I was pretty pumped.

They still haven't announce the winner of the contest, but I'm hoping they dig my homage to their great selection of brews and what my happy belly tends to look like(sans glassware) when I leave after a good night with friends there and don't have to worry bout driving home ;). thanks for taking a gander and keep your fingers crossed that we see this hanging above the bar soon

EDIT - they announced a winner a couple days ago and since I was not contacted I assume it wasn't me. congrats to all the competitors. anyone else interested in producing an awesome beer belly t-shart? any bar name can replace el bait shop ha! seriosly though : |

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