Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beware of THE GRIM BRIM!

 My friend Marty of The GodBeast Customs Just sent me some pics of the first casts from the mold for The "Grim Brim" figure me and my friend Gabe have been collaborating with him on.

"Grim Brim" is a hillbilly munchin' mutant maniac thought up by Gabe. Anyone who knows me knows my love of hillbilly aesthetic, knows it was mandated that I start collaborating and sculpting this crazy little figure as soon as I could. I'm pretty pumped with how the sculpt came out and I'm super pumped with how the casts Marty is pumping out are looking.

If you're as excited as me about these awesome little dudes then you are in luck! We will be releasing a small batch at this year's C2E2 at the Nerd City booth. More details will be popping up as the event draws closer. Can't wait to get these in everyone's hands!